Copies of Letters to Parents/Carers


Academic Year 2017-2018


Whole School

September 2017 newsletter

After School Clubs - Term 1

Big Macmillan Coffee Morning

Scholastic Book Club Sept2017

Term 1 & 2 Dates

School photos

NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe Programme

NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe Assembly

School Council Socktober

Flourish Oct 17 Newsletter

Term Dates for your Diary

Peter Pan Pantomime 18 Dec 2017


Year 3

Football Clubs Sept 2017 Y3


Year 4

Swimming Terms 1 and 2

Violin Lessons Damage Waiver



Year 5


Year 6

IOW first letter

NHS- National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

Football Clubs Sept 2017 Year 6


Selected Pupils

Times tables Booster Club













Letters from previous academic year 2016-2017


Whole School

Welcome Letter 2016-2017

Dates 2016-2017

Harvest Festival 18.10.16

Head Teacher's Message ~ Term 1

Attendance Term 1

Cultural Trips - Nutcracker - Sunday 13th Nov 2016

Children in Need - 2016

Attendance Term 2

Head Teacher's End of Term Message Term 2

Term 3 Club Letter Jan 2017

Severe weather

Safer Internet Day

Arts cultural Trip Term 4


Primary Engineer letter

Head Teacher's End of Term Message - Term 3 2017

Attendance Term 3

Term 4 Club Letter Feb 2017

Letter from Mrs Blewer

Attendance Term 4

Term 4

ParentCarer Notification Proposed Federation

Update letter Primary Engineer Leaders Award

50th Anniversary

September School Place BIS

Kwik Cricket Club Letter

Head Teacher's End of Term Message Term 5

Attendance Term 5

Term 6 Club Letter June 2017

Cultural Trip Term 6

Proposed Federation update 13 June 2017

The Flourish Federation BIS and BJS Election of Parent Governors

Letter to parents 2

Brookfield Infants and Brookfield Junior Arrangements Consultation 2018-19

Head Teacher's End of Term Message Term 6


Year 3

Spelling Bee letter Y3 G1

Spelling Bee letter Y3 G2

Spelling Bee letter Y3 G3

Spelling Bee letter Y3 G4

Chiddingstone Castle Trip 26 April 2017

Yr 3 Swimming Lessons Term 5 & 6

Swallow class Swimming collection T5



Year 4

Yr 4 Swimming Lessons

Yr 4 - Kent Life - School Trip 19th Oct 2016

Christmas Production Letter

Spelling Bee letter Y4 G1

Spelling Bee letter Y4 G2

Spelling Bee letter Y4 G3

Yr 4 Pre visit Canterbury

Yr4 Horton Kirby Visit

Yr 4 Canterbury



Year 5

Young Voice Performance

Netball Club Letter Yr 5 & 6 Term 3

Harry Potter World - School Trip 2017

Yr 5 Swimming Lessons - Term 3 & 4

Young Voices Final Details

Year 5 After School Writing Booster

Sex Education

Spelling Bee letter Y5 G1.2

Spelling Bee letter Y5 G3

Spelling Bee letter Y5 G4

Kent Test (11+) Meeting May 2017

Horton Kirby 5 July 2017 Y5

Bikeability Nov 2017



Year 6

Isle of Wight first letter and meeting

Spelling Bee letter Y6 Blue Group

Spelling Bee letter Y6 Orange Group

Netball Club Letter Yr 5 & 6 Term 3

Spelling Bee letter Y6 Blue Group

Spelling Bee letter Y6 Orange.Green Group

Breakfast club SATs week

Yr 6 Re Online communications

Horton Kirby Visit 12 June 2017

Sex Education Week Commencing 19 June 2017

Prize Giving - Thursday 20th July 2017


Selected Pupils

Timestable workshop coffee morning

Football Letter year 3 and 4

Yr 6 Prom HairMakeupNails

Football Tournament Yr 5 and 6

Change for Life club Terms 5 and 6

Yr 6 Prom HairMakeupNailsbooking

Activity week 1

Spelling Bee Letter T6 - Y3 G3

Spelling Bee Letter T6 - Y3 G4

Spelling Bee Letter T6 - Y4 G3

Spelling Bee Letter T6 - Y5 G4

Spelling Bee Letter T6 - Y6



PTFA Valentines Disco 2017





Letters from previous academic year 2015-2016


Whole School

Term 6

End of Year Questionnaire for Parents - 2015-2016

Governor Newsletter 1st Edition July 2016

Bring you Dad to School Day

Attendance Term 5

Term 5

School Uniform Update ~ Trainers

Attendance Term 4

Term 4

Sports Relief 2016

Election of Parent Governor

Parent Governor Nomination Form

Term 4 Clubs

Attendance Term 3

Term 3

Safer Internet Day 2016

STEM Challenge

Term Dates for 2016-2017

Scholastic Book Club

Term 3 Clubs

Attendance Term 2

Term 2

Attendance Term 1

Head Teacher's November Message

Children in Need

Term 2 Clubs

Power of One

PTFA October Disco

Music Lessons

Grandparent's Day

School Photographs

Family Liaison Newsletter September 2015

First Aid for Families

Big Coffee Morning

Supporting your child's learning this year 2015-2016

Term 1 Clubs

Term 1 Curriculum

Welcome Letter 2015-2016


Year 3

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Consent Form

Harvest Festival



Year 4

Maidstone Museum 2nd Letter

Horton Kirby

Maidstone Museum 1st Letter

Christmas Production



Year 5

Horton Kirby

Sex Education

Woodpecker Swimming Lessons Letter

Woodpecker Swimming Consent

Swimming Collection

Heron Swimming Lessons Letter

Heron Swimming Consent

Harry Potter World Trip Letter

Harry Potter World - First Letter



Year 6

IOW Parent Meeting

Horton Kirby

MGGS 11+ Open Events 2015

Isle of Wight First Meeting



Selected Pupils






Letters from previous academic year 2014-2015


Whole School


Term 6

2014-2015 End of Year Questionnaire for Parents and Carers

School Classes 2015-2016

School Reports Email Addresses

Sports Day 2015

Bring Your Dad to School Day

Term 6 Club Letter

Attendance Term 5

Term 5

New Curriculum Term 6

Letter to Kent Parents

Reading Afternoon

Term 5 Club Letter

Attendance Term 4

Term 4

New Curriculum

Red Nose Day 2015

Book Week

Term 4 Club Letter

Attendance Term 3

Term 3

Bring Your Mum to School Day 2015

Safer Internet Day Parent Fact Sheet

Safer Internet Day

Miss Bailey Marathon

Severe Weather


Term 3 Club Letter

Attendance Term 2

Term 2


Term 2 Club Letter

Attendance Term 1

Term 1

School Photographs

Bring your Grandparent to School Day

Coffee Morning

Term 1 Club Letter

Welcome to Brookfield Junior School



Year 3


British Museum Letter

Swimming Lessons Letter

Swimming Consent

Year 3 Cooking

Library Visit Kingfisher Class

Library Visit Swallow Class

Harvest Festival



Year 4


Roman Cooking

Canterbury Visit

Year 4 Christmas Production

Library Visit Nightingale Class

Library Visit Redwing Class



Year 5


Sleepover Permission Slip



11 Plus Process Parent Power Point

11 Plus Meeting

West Kent Secondaries - Open Events

Harry Potter World

Judd Open Sessions 2015

Library Visit Woodpecker Class

Library Visit Heron Class



Year 6


Prize Giving Evening

IOW Parent Meeting

SATs Breakfast Club

Library Visit Goldfinch Class

Library Visit Partridge Class




Selected Pupils


Year 5 Science Competition

Year 5 and 6 Safeguarding your Child

Cool Milk

Maths Workshop at Ryarsh School

Able Writers September

Football Club letter Term 1