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Update on Outside Learning Area


Our School and Eco Councillors have been busy little bees this term, since the sun has made a happy appearance.


They started off marking out where they would like planting beds to go in the allotment area and where a path should run in the flower garden. Then they began to dig!


After much hard work they were able to plant a hedge row around the flower garden area (which will take a couple of years to establish). In addition, fruit plantswere introduced into the allotment area which were kindly donated to us by Tesco (Lunsford Park), along with pots, kneeling pads and an array of things to sell to enable us to raise money for this outside learning area.


We are hoping to begin work soon on theassembly of our eco greenhouse, once a couple of trees have been taken down. Homebase, at Aylesford Retail Park, have kindly offered their help and assistance in not only providing all the materials for this (minus the bottles we have collected) but have also offered to come along and erect the structure. Please note that the Councillors will be replanting other trees in our wooded area at a later date, to create a place where the childrencan explore and encourage anatural habitat for wildlife.


Within the allotment, garden and woodland areas our Councillors are looking to include a sensory garden and a quiet area. Their vision is tomake the outside learning space as versatile as possibleso that pupils can take advantage of being able to have numerous lessons outside ofthe classroom.


Our School and Eco Council are extremely proud of thelinks they are making within the community and in the future will be looking to further this by inviting friends, family and other members of the community along to help take part in their growing project.













School Council Elections took place on Thursday 22nd September and results were announced in assembly on Friday 23rd September.  One boy and one girl from each class were chosen to become a Student Councillor.  The pupils running for School Council had to think about: If they considered themselves respectful, responsible and helpful students who would promote many initiatives and be a model of positivity and leading in school beliefs. Anyone wanting to stand for Election had to give a presentation speech in front of their year group - standing at the podium in the school hall.



Pupils entered the polling station (a class at a time) and had to register their name on the list (just as adults do when voting), to ensure they didn’t vote twice. Next, the pupils would take their ballot papers into the private booths, vote for one boy and one girl, then fold and place their vote in the sealed ballot box. Each of the ballot papers had the names of the pupils running for School Council in each pupils’ class.  You were not allowed to vote for yourself.  All voting was top secret and added an extremely authentic feel to the whole procedure.



After all the voting slips had been counted and verified, the results were announced in assembly on Friday 23rd September 2016 and we are delighted to confirm the members of our new School Council.

1 boy and 1 girl from each class have been elected as Student Councillors. The 4 Year 6 councillors have also taken on the additional roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Well done to all those who were voted Student Councillor for their class!


Eco Council

As a school, we are keen to involve all our pupils in working and supporting the School Council.  To that end we are introducing a subsidiary to the School Council, called the Eco Council.  The Eco Council will be working hand in hand with the School Council, helping implement the fresh and exciting ideas of the pupils.  Therefore, everyone who put themselves forward to run for School Council, will now form part of our Eco Council.  Consequently, we are also delighted to announce our very first Eco Council with an impressive 35 members.