Sports Funding

The Government has recognised that many children today are not as active as they once were. To help combat this problem they have awarded all schools with additional funding. The aim of the funding is to increase participation, raise aspirations and self-confidence and to help children enjoy being physically active.

Here at Brookfield Junior School, we are using our funding to:

  • Develop staff confidence, skills and abilities through the use of outside coaches
  • Improve children’s health and fitness
  • Improve our school resources and sports equipment
  • Increase the children’s uptake of extra curricula sports clubs and activities by expanding the range on offer

We will be monitoring our progress through the use of both pupil and staff questionnaires.



Brookfield Junior School PE and School Sport Funding 2016/2017


This year at Brookfield Junior School we aim to:

  • Ensure that all children in the school get good-quality teaching in PE.
  • Ensure that professional development of staff meets their specific needs.
  • Develop the skills and expertise of staff in providing opportunities of team teaching with specialists.
  • Improve teaching resources so teachers can provide a more productive, inclusive and broader PE curriculum.
  • Provide swimming instruction for pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 to achieve 25m water competency.
  • Provide a wider variety of active opportunities for children during afterschool clubs and to compete within a wider community.


How will we use this year’s Sports Funding to meet these aims?


Brookfield Junior School

Review of PE and SPORT Funding 2016-2017

Allocation of funds


Introduction of specialist teacher and staff development programme.

Term 1 - 6


  • Scheme of work used across the whole school.
  • Proforma of assessment used across the school ~ children’s skills assessed at the beginning and again at the end of each unit.
  • Improved teachers’ planning so that tasks and activities build on children’s skills and abilities, with a focus on differentiation and inclusion.
  • Feedback from PASS (Physical Activity and Sports Specialists) highlighted improvements in quality of teaching in PE across all year groups.
  • Standard of teaching = consistently good.

Introduction of specialist teacher for afterschool club.


  • Children offered a range of various activities by specialist teacher (E.G. netball club and kwik cricket)
  • Children used skills taught to take part in events against other schools.

Introduction of school representation at sporting events.


  • Groups from year 5 and 6 attended sporting events with other schools in the area.
  • Year 3 and 4 could not attend any events due to issues with transport during the school day.

Continuation of swimming Year 3 -5.


  • 27 children can now swim 25m in Year 3.
  • 45 children are now able to swim 5-25m in Year 4.
  • 44 children are now able to swim 5-25m in Year 5.
  • Children from all year groups acknowledged they had increased confidence.
  • Non-payment of swimming for 2016-2017 equalled £486.85.



The following have allowed for greater variety of activities in lessons, at playtimes and during Sports Week:-

  • Top-up equipment such as tennis balls, pump and pump needles
  • Increased resources for afterschool clubs such as tennis nets and football equipment.
  • Playground equipment including various new games for the play leaders to incite.







PE and Sport Funding for 2015-2016


Expected outcomes

  • Physical activities and well-being are at the heart of the school’s vision.
  • Planned investment will lead to sustained improvement in the teaching of PE across the school.
  • The development and implementation of a varied, stimulating, inclusive and highly effective scheme of work will respond to the teachers’ wishes and meet the school’s vision.
  • Increased motivation of staff in PE will enable them to use a wider range of resources and extend their knowledge and skills when planning and teaching lessons.
  • The monitoring of professional development from training sessions (liaising with teachers) will develop subject knowledge and provide quality PE, evidencing the impact the school sports funding is having on PE and Sports provision.
  • Swimming instructed lessons will enable an increasing number of children to achieve 25m using a range of strokes effectively and to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.
  • The school has two teams that compete against other schools in their sports.
  • Children are able to participate in competitions outside of school – alongside PASS.
  • There are a wider variety of active afterschool clubs available to children.