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November 2018 - Kent County council is our admissions authority and responsible for setting our arrangements. They are currently consulting on adding the criteria for children in care outside of England - Please follow the link for further information:




September 2018 - Recently we received a letter for Fraser Scorer (a past student – 2018 leaver) which we felt we should share.


He has come up with 2 great ideas which we are implementing across the federation this year.


We would like to thank Fraser for continuing to help our schools even after leaving and moving onto secondary.

It is lovely to know that we have helped grow children who have such concern for future children passing though

our schools who may be experiencing similar issues.


From all of the Flourish Team – Thank you smiley


Dear Brookfield pupils,

My name is Fraser and I attended Brookfield from years R to Year 6 and left in July.

I have a condition called anxiety which means that I sometimes have trouble and find I can feel overwhelmed.

This means that I struggle to cope with too many things  at once. I sometimes find I worry about things especially

if there are new things happening in my life. I find it difficult to describe these worries and ask for a chat about them.

One morning over breakfast with my sister Ruby, we were talking about the new class names at Brookfield and I came

up with the idea that each class could have a mascot of their animal name and with it a special box. This box could be

used for children to put in any worries that they have that they would like to share with their teacher. This might be

something that has happened already, something that is going to happen or it could be something that is happening.

Sometimes we might not want to talk to someone about it and we would rather the teacher talk to everyone more

generally about this or it could be that we would like some time to discuss it with the class mascot. I sometimes find

I have anxiety about something not at school but at home and talking to someone at school can make me feel better.

I try to think of the 3 F’s- Face it, Fix it, Forget it.

Sometimes this isn’t easy and I hope that the Class mascots and boxes will help other children to overcome these

‘tiny terrors’ and help other children like me to realise that ‘its ok to not feel ok and that we can deal with this’

Thanks for listening.

Fraser Scorer






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